A Homeowner’s Checklist Before Starting a New Roofing Project

Replacing a storm-damaged roof requires a lot of preparation. More than just looking for a good contractor, you need to prep your house and your entire family for the upcoming repair work. Your contractor will appreciate it if you can arrange your house in order before the day of their scheduled appointment.

Roof replacement and repair is delicate work—and a lot of home systems can be affected. As such, most contractors conduct a thorough inspection of your home before the job date. This is necessary so they can uncover any other potential problems that might disrupt their work. 

To make the installation process go smoothly for you and your contractor, consider following this pre-roof installation checklist.


Expect Noise, Debris, and Dust


Any measure of construction and repair work will always involve a lot of noise, vibrations, and debris falling everywhere. For that reason, it’s best to make some plans to be away from your house for a few days, so you can minimize the disturbance it can cause to you and your family. You should also notify your neighbors or even the homeowner’s association beforehand to avoid getting any complaints. Let them know how long the repair will last to set proper expectations.

Dust and debris are likely to fall from the roofing installation as well. Any person who has severe allergies to dust or even asthma should be advised to stay away from the premises.


Keep Children and Pets Away


Treating your home as a temporary construction site is the best thing to do. This means children, pets, and the elderly are not allowed in the work area to prevent any accidents. If the installation takes place purely outside of your house, then you should keep your family members inside of your home at all times. 

Aside from that, pets can become anxious or agitated because of the noise. It might be best to find a temporary shelter for them until all the construction work is done.


Protect Interior Belongings


Repair work involves a lot of banging and hammering, resulting in a lot of vibrations around the house. As such, any loose valuables may be freely displaced due to these vibrations. 

Any breakables, glass figurines, plates, or wall decorations that can easily fall or break should be removed beforehand and kept safe. You can put them in a box with a lot of padding and keep them away from the work area.


Protect Exterior Areas From Debris


Aside from interior belongings, the exterior area of your home also needs some form of protection from all the falling debris. Your heating or cooling units placed outside should at least be covered in plastic to avoid dust particles from damaging the internal unit. If you have a pool area, expect debris or even sawdust to make its way to your pool. 

Most contractors are prepared enough that they will bring coverings for your pool. Please do take note that covered pools are also a child hazard. They should be kept away from the area to avoid any accidents.


Be Mindful of the Attic


Any items stored in your attic are also susceptible to debris. It’s the area of your houses closest to the construction area. If there are any valuable belongings that are fragile, they should be removed during the installation. 

The rest of the items you leave behind should be adequately covered with a tarp, plastic sheet, or a drop cloth.


Having a new roof installed requires some effort and preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly. You will need to educate your family and your neighbors about the hazards in the work area for good measure. Remember, the average cost to replace a roof is nowhere near the cost of any accidents that may come to your family if you don’t prepare them! Finally, hire a contractor that takes all the necessary precautions to protect you, your home, and your surroundings from the construction work they’re about to do.

For your peace of mind, it’s best to partner with a local roofing contractor you can rely on. It’s no secret how unpredictable the weather can be to cause some damage to your roof. When it comes to residential roofing in Charlotte and Matthews, NC, trust only Charlotte Roofing Specialists, LLC! Contact us today for a free estimate.



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