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Have you ever brushed up alongside the exterior of your house, only to look back and see a surprisingly clean portion wiped clean on the siding? It's amazing how dirty a house's exterior can become. It happens so slowly and uniformly that it is often difficult to notice how dirty the exterior has become. Hiring a professional to wash your home is a great way to remove the crud and improve the visual splendor of your property.

However, it is more than just the dirty siding or brickwork of your home that detract from your curb appeal. It is also the roof!

Roofs commonly make up a large percentage of the portion of your home that is visible from the street. Have you ever looked up at your roof and noticed that numerous slopes have black streaks appearing? What does this do to the curb appeal of your home? The black streaks conceal the consistent colors of your roof and make it appear older than it is. These black streaks indicate the presence of black algae or gloeocapsa magma. You will notice that most of these streaks are on the shady roof areas.

The ideal environment for these organisms includes damp areas with little direct sun exposure. You may notice that the North-facing side of your roof has heavy black algae, and the South-facing has little to no algae. The lack of direct sun exposure keeps certain sections of the roof wet or damp for longer than those pounded by the sun every afternoon.

Though debris and some dirt/soil can find its way onto your roof (and should not be left unattended), getting rid of the black algae streaks on the roof is what we primarily mean when discussing “Roof Washing.” Water and wind can wash and blow away some dirt and debris from your roof, but neither will get rid of the unsightly black algae streaks on your roof.

There are some important reasons why you need to clean your roof. Fortunately, Charlotte Roofing Specialists now offers roof washing in Charlotte, NC.

Why Roof Washing is Important

Wait for it…STREAKED ROOFS LOOK BAD! Driving by your own house or pulling into the driveway only to see a roof that looks like it’s past its prime is no fun, especially if many of the other slopes look pristine.

There is a perceived value judgment that others make when any part of your home appears to be poorly maintained. Right, wrong, or otherwise, this is true. If you are selling the home, that value becomes quantifiable.

While unsightly streaks are initially not a functional issue, they can become one over time. As the streaking becomes heavier, the algae thicker, and moisture is held on the shingles for longer, shingle seals can become compromised and even moss can appear. Once there is moss on a roof, it can only be removed by gentle labor-intensive scrubbing, or direct water pressure, which will destroy an asphalt shingle.

With a simple roof cleaning, all of this may be avoided. Additionally, a roof wash can help extend the life of your roof and will instantly improve your curb appeal.

Various Services Together

It is possible to schedule several services together. For starters, you can inspect your roof before cleaning it, which is always recommended. Having your roof inspected at least once a year is recommended. This allows you to stay on top of any damage and issues that might be festering and are impossible to spot from the ground. Consider that gutter cleaning is often required prior to roof washing if the gutters are clogged. Gutters must be cleaned at least twice a year to keep the water flowing properly away from your home. It also helps you avoid too much debris from collecting in the gutters. There are so many tasks you need to stay on top of with the general well-being of your home that it is always nice to have several of these tasks checked off simultaneously.

Schedule Your Roof Washing Today

When was the last time you had your roof professionally cleaned? If you need help remembering, or if it has been several years, then it means you likely need to have your roof washed.

Whether you have questions about the process of roof washing or you are ready to schedule a professional cleaning, there's never been a better time to contact the team at Charlotte Roofing Specialists than today.


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