How to Prevent Voiding Your Roof Warranty

The great thing about working with quality, licensed, and certified roofers are that your roof always comes with a warranty. With a full warranty, the manufacturer or company guarantees the repair or replacement when their product or output becomes faulty. Roof warranty often comes in two types: the warranty on the roofing material used and the warranty on the roofer’s craftsmanship. However, it does come with its limitations. 

A roof replacement can cost quite a lot of money, so if you don’t want to pay out of pocket, the wisest thing to do is make sure you don’t void your roof’s warranty. Here are some things you can do to ensure its coverage:

Do Not Drill or Install Anything On Your Roof

If you do not want your roof warranty to get void, make sure to leave your roof as is. Some homeowners install other equipment, such as a satellite dish or a TV antenna on their roofs. Unfortunately, erecting these structures requires a hole (or multiple holes) to be drilled into your roof, potentially affecting its performance.

Warranty providers only provide repair and replacement services in response to issues they believe are due to their shortcomings. Making your own modifications to your roof adds another factor in the mix and could potentially result in losing your warranty. 

Never Install Roofing Material on Your Roof by Yourself

Some homeowners install new roofing material on existing roofs by themselves, believing it to be an affordable way to repair or renovate without spending too much. This strategy is particularly common in homes with shingle roofs. While some warranties won’t consider this void, there are just as many that request homeowners to have their repairs or replacements conducted by qualified professionals. Review the terms of your warranty to avoid accidentally rendering it void.

Make Sure to Clean Your Roof Properly

Cleaning the roof is essential in maintaining its good condition. However, using the wrong materials can only bring more damage than good. Using a hard-bristled brush or a pressure washer could destroy your roof’s surface and form, so make sure to ask your roof contractors or consult the manufacturer about the best way to clean your roof. If you have the budget, having them maintain and clean your roof regularly is the safest and most guaranteed option.

Always Ensure Adequate Roof Ventilation

Installing a new layer of shingles to your existing shingles could affect your roof’s performance, including the ventilation. When there is poor roof ventilation, it can lead to many other house problems. 

The trapped moisture can create a damp environment in the house, encouraging the growth of molds. You might also get ice dam buildup in winter that can lead to water damage. All these are external forces that can damage your roof. Because of this, your roof protection can be voided. 


A warrantied roof is a lifesaver. It gives the homeowner peace of mind, knowing that they have the service provider or manufacturer’s back when they need their service. However, you need to remember that a roofing warranty can also lose its validity if you fail to meet its specific requirements. Improper maintenance and installation errors are some factors that you should avoid. 

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