What to Do When Your Roof Needs Emergency Repair

There is nothing more alarming than encountering a roof emergency situation when you least expect it. The chances are that your roof has severely been battered due to heavy rain or even a hailstorm. Your shingles may have ended up displaced or missing, and the entire household starts to experience roof leaks. Not only will these problems damage your house parts, but they can also compromise the structural integrity of your entire property. This is why you must take prompt actions and hire a professional rain or hail roof repair in Charlotte, NC.

In this article, we’ll cover different types of roofing emergencies and what steps to take when your roof needs emergency repair:

Types of roofing emergencies

Let’s first discuss what is involved in a roof emergency. Of course, this varies from one case to another, depending on the causes and severity. However, most roofing experts consider a roof emergency as having enough damage to the roof structure and an ample amount of water leaks inside your home. Below are some specific situations:

  • A collapse in the roof’s structure
  • The shingles, flashings, or decks severely battered, displaced, or gone missing
  • A tree limb or other debris penetrating the roofing system
  • Roof devastation brought by a fire
  • Visible roof damage brought by a lightning strike
  • A small leak that quickly escalates to standing water

What to do for your roofing emergency

Now that you know some emergency roof situations, let’s discuss the steps you’ll need to take to address the problems:

1. Take prompt actions

As soon as you encounter roof damage, you must take action as quickly as possible. Of course, how you respond depends on the type of situation you’re in. For instance, if you have rainwater leaks coming from the ceiling, you need to get a bucket to catch the water so that it doesn’t spread throughout the house. If the roof has completely been removed due to a heavy storm, you need to vacate your home immediately. Ultimately, taking prompt actions can make a difference in ensuring you and your family’s safety.

2. Resort to DIY fixes for damage control

You can also take some DIY steps to control the roof damages before an expert roofer arrives. Here are some quick fixes you may resort to:

  • Patching shingles: Remove the damaged shingles, waterproof the damaged parts, and replace them with similar roofing products.
  • Capping chimneys: If your chimneys start to leak, put a chimney cap over the opening to stop the leak and prevent further damage.
  • Patching (from the inside): Locate the exact leak, measure out the plywood, attach shingles to the exterior surface, and apply roofing cement to fix the patch. Keep in mind that doing this is merely a temporary fix! 
  • Tarping: Layout a heavy-duty tarp over the area where the leak is coming from. You can use wooden planks to fill in the gap and secure the tarp’s edges.

3. Hire a professional service repair

As soon as you encounter a roofing emergency, you need to contact an expert roofer immediately. Even before you start performing the DIY fixes, you want to ensure you’ll have the right people to come over to your house and perform the necessary repairs. As these experts have the knowledge, skills, expertise, and industry experience, they can ensure that your roofing system will be thoroughly repaired and returned to its original state.


A roofing emergency can be such a headache, but you must remember to deal with it promptly. Be sure to consider the valuable information discussed above to know what a roof emergency is, and follow the key steps given so that you can get the damage fixed right away. Ultimately, working with roofing professionals can make a difference in keeping your roofing system in top shape and extending its overall lifespan!

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