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Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer financing through Wisetack. Learn more.

Why does my roof have black streaks on it?

Black streaking on a roof is usually evidence of black algae. These streaks typically occur on the more shady sections of the roof that do not dry out quickly. Manufacturers embed copper or zinc granules in asphalt shingles to aim at mitigating this.

How long does a roof replacement take?

We have replaced roofs that are finished in half a day, and roofs that have taken longer than a month. These extremes aside, most asphalt shingle roofs take between 1-3 days to replace.

What’s the better way to ventilate a roof; ridge vents or power fans?

Depending on how one defines “better,” can result in different answers. It’s important to remember that for either of these exhaust vent mechanisms to work well, healthy intake ventilation is crucial. As a general rule, if theres ample ridge, ridge vents are typically better (ex//simple gable roof). If there is very little ridge for ridge vents to exhaust (ex//hip roof with small ridge), power fans are typically better.

Why do have people knocking on my door saying I have storm damage?

Canvassing/door knocking is common from storm roofers when a documented storm (wind/hail) event has occurred in a specific geography. Some door knockers insist there is roof damage when there is not, and others are honest about the condition of the roof and whether/whether not there is storm damage. If there is significant wind or hail damage, insurance companies will usually pay for the necessary repair/replacement.

How do I decide whether to replace or simply repair my roof?

This isn’t an exact science and is largely based on a few factors: 1) The cost of a repair vs. a replacement, 2) The remaining service life of the roof if you only perform repairs, and 3) Your specific financial situation. If the repair would be $500, and replacement would be $15,000 with 7-10 years of service life remaining on the existing roof, then repair would make the most sense. If the repair would be $3,000, and replacement would be $6,000 and there is only 2 years of service life left, replacement makes the most sense. Keep in mind that when a roof is replaced, the repairs you paid for prior will be removed and replaced along with it.

What are the differences in shingles from different manufacturers?

While there are some differences in weight, copper/zinc content (to minimize black algae growth), and adhesive technologies, between the three largest domestic shingle manufacturers (GAF, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning) vary most notably on aesthetics (shape, color, shadowlines).

What types of warranties are offered by manufacturers?

Most manufacturers offer three types of warranties: 1) Out of the package manufacturing defect warranty (which is not as long as you think), 2) An extended warranty from manufacturing defects, which is longer than the out of the package warranty, and must be applied for and installed by a contractor credentialed by the manufacturer, and 3) Workmanship (misapplication) warranties, which extend the manufacturer’s defect and cover the workmanship of the contractor for a period of time. Typically, these warranties can only be offered by a manufacturer’s top tier of credentialed contractor. #2 and #3 have additional costs associated with them.

What inconveniences should I expect when my roof is replaced?

A good contractor can give you a more thorough list specific to your home, but some of the most common inconveniences are: Keeping cars out of the driveway for the job’s duration, tolerating construction site noise, difficulty letting pets outside safely, and attic mess (sawdust, wood chips, nails and debris will fall into the attic and on to your belongings if not removed or covered).

What time do roofing crews begin and how late will they be at my house?

In the hotter months of the year, crews typically start between 6:30-8am. In the colder months, crews typically begin between 7:30 and 8:30am. Year long, roofing crews typically work until it gets dark, or the job is complete.

Will anyone need to get inside my house during the roof replacement process?

Usually, no one needs to get inside the home during the replacement process, but it is better to have some means of accessing the interior quickly if for instance, an HVAC roof vent needs to be straightened from the attic or to be sure no water is getting in if an unexpected storm pops up.


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