Hail Roof Repair Charlotte


Hail Roof Repair Charlotte

Not many people see the need for roof inspection as a routine home procedure, but it should be as it protects the interior of the house against damage from unpleasant and sometimes threatening weather conditions. So if natural conditions such as hail damage in Charlotte for example cause you to have a look at your roof for damage, then you should consider referring to a professional who specializes in hail roof repair in Charlotte NC.

Signs of Roof Damage

The following are some of the top four conditions that may indicate that you need to have your roof changed:

Cracks, Patches and Holes. Inspect for pock marks, holes, loosened granules and dimples on the shingles after the storm usually caused by the heavy impact of the hail on the roof, then you need to call roof inspectors who will come and evaluate the extent of the damage on the roof for repairs to be affected. Replacement of the roof at an early damage stage is necessary to protect electrical wires and concealed insulation which if damaged may cost you more.

Sun Damage. Since most roofs are made from composition shingles composed of asphalt and fiberglass, during the end of their time they tend to be brittle and curled for areas exposed most to sunlight. Shingles should be pliable especially in warm weather. So after a storm, if you notice any of those characteristics on your roof, you should consider the option of a new roof.

Leak Potential.If you notice heavy presence of granules on the gutters with some spilled over on the front and back sides of the house, this shows massive degranulation and probably damage from cracks making that roof vulnerable to leak. Also if you notice missing shingles or several misaligned valleys, your ceiling might be already passing some water through.

Sealing Strip Security.A damaged sealing strip may be very tricky to notice since the wind that comes with the storm may lift off the shingles momentarily and later they fall back into place and look normal. This will definitely cause slow and steady damage to your roof and that’s where the roof inspectors come in handy.

It is always recommended to consult with a professional for hail roof damage in Charlotte, NC especially if you think your roof is susceptible to suffering damages from heavy storms. Keep in mind that your roof keeps your family and friends protected, so it’s worth investing the time to ensure you remain safe from the forces of Mother Nature. If you have questions or need more information on roofing, feel free to call our team at (704)680-6546 today!