David Sammons

David Sammons

David Sammons is an ambitious, hardworking entrepreneur who runs the reputable and successful Charlotte Roofing Specialists, LLC in North Carolina. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and former employee of Owen Corning (leading roofing and insulation manufacturer), he brings technical and professional expertise to the contracting industry. He is also a licensed North Carolina General Contractor with a Roofing Specialty. David has earned numerous glowing testimonials from clients that proudly attest to the company’s commitment to quality work and professionalism. He founded Charlotte Roofing Specialists as a roofing company that puts customer satisfaction first, offering excellent services while striving for excellence in everything they do. David’s leadership vision has created an environment where clients receive top-notch services and become part of the company family that values integrity and quality above all else.

Most Common Roof Questions

Roofing 101: The Most Common Roof Questions, Answered 2024

Key Takeaways: Inspection and Decision-Making: Before deciding whether to repair or replace a leaking roof, it’s essential to assess the extent of the damage. Hiring a professional for an inspection can help determine the best course of action. Cost and Insurance Considerations: The cost of a roof replacement can vary widely, depending on materials and

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GAF roofing shingles

How To Maximize GAF Roofing Shingles Lifespan

Key Takeaways: Advantages of GAF Roofing Shingles: GAF roofing shingles are renowned for their durability, aesthetic variety, and cost efficiency. They are supported by industry-leading warranties and a strong commitment to sustainability. Maintenance Tips for Longevity: To maximize the lifespan of GAF shingles, regular maintenance is essential. Key strategies include annual and post-storm inspections for

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what is a gaf certified contractor

Is your GAF Roofer Certified? Why It’s Important:

Key Takeaways: GAF Certified Roofing Contractors Offer Superior Quality and Expertise: GAF certified contractors undergo rigorous training and meet stringent standards, ensuring high-quality workmanship and the use of premium materials. Comprehensive Benefits and Peace of Mind: Hiring a GAF certified roofer comes with numerous advantages, including access to exclusive high-quality roofing materials, extended warranties, and

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what are the different types of roofs

What Are the Different Types of Roofs?

Key Takeaways: Importance of Roof Types: The type of roof significantly impacts a home’s overall appearance, water drainage efficiency, and maintenance requirements. Common Residential Roof Types: Various roof types are prevalent in residential architecture, each with its distinct characteristics. Specialized Roofs and Considerations: Choosing the right roof type and maintaining it properly is crucial for

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