Summertime Madness: How to Make Roof Cool in Summer

The roof of your home is exposed to more sunlight during the day than any other part of your home. While different sides of the house will see some direct sunlight, these areas are left in the shade once the sun passes over. That’s not the case with the roof. Due to this, the roof can pull in and absorb a considerable amount of solar energy, especially during the summer months. This not only makes the roof hot to the touch, but it also may heat your home as well. Your home’s HVAC system does what it can to cool the interior of your house, but a hot roof can force it to work overtime. You may be wondering how to make the roof cool in summer when the temperature is rising and the daytime hours are increasing. Here is what you need to know about reducing the temperature of your roof and how to protect it.

When Considering A New Roof

Have you been thinking of a new roof? If it’s about that time you replace the roof, one thing you should consider is the color of the shingles. A lighter color shingle will not draw and absorb as much heat as a darker shingle. This, in turn, will help cool down your roof while also helping cut down on the energy consumed by your AC while cooling down the house. This isn’t something you can simply do if you’re not replacing the roof, but if you are, it is well worth the consideration.

Other shingle materials might work if you’re not interested in going with the lighter color shingle route. There are certain reflective shingle variations that work as a mirror. Instead of absorbing the heat, the shingles will reflect much of this away from the roof of your house. These benefits of new roof clearly explains how to make roof cool in summer. 

Solar Options

If your house receives a good amount of sunlight, why not consider solar panels? Solar continues to drop in price, making it more valuable now than ever before. Additionally, solar panels have come a long way as well in terms of look and energy production. Wouldn’t it be nice to lower, if not eliminate, your energy bills? In some instances, you might even be able to sell your power back to the power company. It is not a bad way to go.

For solar options, there are two main styles to go with. The first is the more traditional solar panel. These panels are installed over the current shingles of your roof. They aren’t as bulky as they once were, but they still go over your roof. These panels may also help extend the life of your current roof as the solar equipment receives the majority of the sunlight and the rain and wind, which is what causes the most damage to your roof.

The second style is solar shingle. These look much like regular shingles and can be installed similarly to installing a new roof. This way, the solar paneling isn’t as obvious, and many people might not even realize you have solar shingles until you tell them so.

Boost The Shade

Maybe you’re just fine with your current roof and, instead, want to find ways to cool the roof without actually changing the roof. The best way to do this is to offer the roof shade. Large trees can do exactly this. You don’t need to wait for a small tree to grow and offer shade, as you can contact a local landscaper and find out what they recommend.

Now, it may depend on your property line as well as your homeowner’s association. Some HOAs have very strict requirements over tree height and placement, so if you do have an HOA make sure to inquire further. You don’t want to invest in a large tree, only to find out you’ll pay a fine every month it is up. As long as it’s okay, there are plenty of tree options available for you here in North and South Carolina.

Insulate The Interior

A large tree does offer shade, but it will only protect a portion of the house. There isn’t much you can do when the sun is directly overhead (when it’s at its hottest). Instead, you should consider adding insulation to the interior of the house under the roof. By insulating the area under the roof, you will reduce the amount of heat coming through the roof. It will also help you avoid the loss of cool air during the summer and heat loss during the winter months. 

More treated air is lost through the roof of your home than likely any other area (although windows are a close second). By investing in new insulation around the roof, you’ll not only help save money through the HVAC system, but you will also further protect the roof as well. During the installation, any interior gaps and cracks will be addressed, which will help you avoid water damage and mold development. In terms of an affordable upgrade that brings a nice return on investment, roof insulation is an excellent option.

All Your Home Roofing Needs

From providing you with guidance on how to make roof cool in summer to installing a brand-new roof for your home, whenever it comes to roofing needs, our team here at Charlotte Roofing Specialists LLC will help every step of the way. So, whether you have questions on the best way to reduce the sun absorption of your home roof, or you’d like to find out more about what a new roof can do for the value of your property, we are just a phone call away. It’s the perfect time to begin considering a new roof, and as one of the few local contractors specializing specifically in roofing, we are the professionals to call. Whenever you’re ready to begin, our expert team is waiting and ready to lend a helping hand.


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