The Benefits Of A New Roof?

The installation of a new roof is a major financial investment. However, that’s exactly how you need to look at it: as an investment. A new roof is more than just a necessary repair you need to perform on your home. It instantly injects a significant boost in property value while providing you with a host of other benefits. Depending on your roof’s age or state, it might be time to begin considering a new roof. But what are all the benefits of roofing and having a new roof installed? Here is everything you need to assist you in making an educated decision on possible roofing upgrades to your house.

Instantly Increase Your Property Value

Depending on the material of your roof, a new roof may need to be installed every decade or so (although some materials have a longer lifespan). When a potential home buyer is looking at houses, they will consider when the roof was last installed. Even if the roof is not in bad shape, they will need to know when they will likely need to replace the current roof. Should you install a new roof, it will increase your house’s property value (because potential buyers will not need to look at doing it themselves), but it will also make your house more attractive to buyers.

While this is most beneficial to those who may look at selling their house within the next few years, even if selling your property isn’t at the top of your list of things to do, it does make it a potentially viable option. Should you decide to proceed with a property sale, you’ll be able to ask for more money, all thanks to the roof.

Further Protect Your Property

Your roof is at constant war with the elements. From heavy rain and wind to sun, the elements can do a number on your roof. Over time this will cause your roof to crack, swell, deteriorate, and break. Now, with annual roofing inspections, you can identify problem areas and have them repaired before these minor problems turn into major issues, but even with regular repairs, the damage will continue to mount. And in-between inspections, moisture might sneak in under the shingles. This moisture might leak into the attic of your home or even drip down into other areas of your house. It can also lead to the development of mold. Once mold starts to form, it is hard to control as mold spreads like wildfire.

With a new roof, none of this will be a problem. You’ll protect your home by keeping out the moisture and other problem areas. The new roof will also help keep out critters, insects, and anything else that might try to infest your home from in and around the roof. Having peace of mind knowing you won’t have mice, squirrels, bugs, or larger animals working their way into your home through the roof is a major benefit.

Cut Down Your Energy Consumption

Whether you’re heating or cooling your home, the treated air will quickly rise through your home. Ideally, your home will contain all the treated air, which will help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. However, when you have an older roof, the treated air will leak out through here. It’s a problem many people deal with but don’t even know it’s a problem because they can’t see it. If you’re accustomed to paying a certain amount for your energy bills, you might not even realize you could be saving a considerable amount of money every single month. Often the cost will rise slowly from month to month, so the price increase is gradual. And, if you don’t use your heat for six or seven months in a row, you may not remember what you paid during the previous year. Even if you do, you might blame the cost increase on the utility company hiking up rates (which they very well might have done).

However, with a new roof, you will greatly enhance the insulation of your property. The new roof will contain the treated air and prevent most of it from leaking out. This will lower your energy bills throughout the year and help keep your home feeling more comfortable.

There is another benefit to this as well. If you have an attic, a new roof will make it possible for you to transform the space into usable living areas of the house. The insulated roof will help keep this area from experiencing wild temperature changes over the year. While you may need to invest some additional upgrades into the attic space, transforming the area would give you more square footage to live in, but it would also help you boost the property value. This is just another way you’re able to enhance the value of your home, all beginning with the installation of a new roof.

So, whether you are considering the sale of your home or you’re looking for a way to boost property value, few upgrades can beat that of a new roof.

Find Out Property-Specific Information

From upgrading the value of your home to avoiding potential damage while cutting energy consumption, a new roof will both save you money in the long term and help you make more money should you sell your property in the short term. However, you don’t need to be considering the sale of your home to begin looking at how a new roof might help improve the quality of your house. To find out property-specific information regarding your house now is the time to reach out and contact the roofing professionals at Charlotte Roofing Specialists LLC. No matter the size of your property or the kind of roofing material you’re interested in, customer service staff are standing by to address all of your questions and give you a better understanding of what to expect with a new roof.


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