How to Know If You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

Your household roof goes through plenty of natural occurrences in a year—all of which can end up causing damage to it over time. As you experience heat, rain, wind, and snow through the seasons, your roof serves to protect you and your family from those same elements.

In some cases, natural forces often end up causing your roof to form holes, leading to leaks that can affect the interior of your home. As a result, you may need to call for emergency roof repairs in Charlotte, NC, to address your problem right away to prevent causing stress to you and your family and affecting your quality of living. 

To help you out, here are some instances where you may need an emergency roof repair service to fix up your home right away: 

Strong Winds Damage Your Roof Shingles

Strong gusts of wind may seem normal, primarily if you’re safe and warm indoors and aren’t directly affected. Little do you know the consequences it brings to your old roof! A mighty blowing wind resulting from a relentless hurricane can lead you to require immediate storm damage roof repairs from contractors near you.

If your roof shingles become detached due to the unpredictable weather, there’s a high chance of experiencing a leak. For homeowners who have had their houses for a while now, you should learn to inspect your roof each time you experience a strong storm to initiate the corresponding repair solutions right away.

Heavy Tree Branches Have Fallen On Your Roof

If there are trees situated near your home, you should be aware of the impact they can bring to your roof if a storm occurs and sweeps the branches over to your home. While you can expect trees to be sturdy and can handle wind and snow, as the years go by, they can become old enough to start losing their branches when the wind blows hard enough. 

During an unfortunate incident where a large branch drops down your roof, it could end up damaging your roof and boring holes into it—enough to destroy other parts that make up your home’s foundation. As a result, you can expect leaks to occur and outdoor elements to invade your household. 

Significant Buildup of Snow on Your Roof

Snow buildup on your roof can be easy to handle, but only to a certain extent. During average winter days, you can expect ice to gather on your roof and all-around your property after a day’s worth of snowfall.

While the ice that has gathered on your roof can easily melt, once they move under your roof shingles, they can freeze again due to the cold outdoor temperatures. The occurrence can turn into a leak and become an ice dam if left unattended!

Unwanted Animal Activity On Your Roof 

It’s normal to witness a few birds perched on top of your roof on a regular day, and after a while, they leave in search of food and things to do. But wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and woodpeckers tell a different story. 

Unfortunately, these creatures tend to chew anything they come across, including your roofing. They can build their nest on top of your home, eventually finding their way inside on a hunt for food. Any unusual animal sounds you hear can easily indicate there is animal activity happening on your roof.


Getting a roof replacement isn’t always called for, and experiencing a leak doesn’t indicate you need to get a new roof installed right away. Some instances can allow you to opt for specific repairs and maintenance to prevent your situation from worsening. When strong winds, snow, and tree branches have damaged your roof, and unwanted animal activity is present on your property, it’s best to call a professional roofer to take care of your situation.   

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