How to Decorate Your Roof Safely This Holiday Season

As the yuletide season is just around the corner, now is the best time to start decorating your home to spread the holiday spirit. When it comes to this, you may think of setting up a Christmas tree inside your house or installing outdoor lighting. However, what about the decorating for your roofing system?

It’s a good idea to install Christmas lights on top of your roof and take your residential property up a notch, making it more relevant to the season. Yet, taking on this task isn’t as easy as you might expect. First, you must protect your roofing system; only then can you carefully set proper lighting.

If you are not sure of the entire process, don’t worry, as we’ve prepared a rundown on how to decorate your roof safely and effectively this holiday season. Read on also to get some practical tips and how a professional roofer in Charlotte, NC, will make a big difference for your roof maintenance:

1. Prepare your decors for the installation

Before taking the plunge into decorating your roof, start by getting and setting your light fixtures and other decors in place. While you’re at it, take ample time to untangle your power cords. First, check to see if all lights are working and be sure to replace any burnout bulbs. Also, invest in extension cords designed for outdoor use and application.

2. Protect your roofing shingles

Before getting into the actual installation, it’s best to ensure first that your roofing system is in top shape and working condition! On top of this is checking and protecting all the shingles and making sure that they aren’t worn out, displaced, or gone missing. If they are, be sure to hire a roofing contractor in Charlotte to fix them before the actual installation. The last thing you will want to happen is to encounter potential leaks and roof damages!

3. Install your decors painstakingly

After you’ve prepared the decorations and protected your roof, you can then proceed to the actual installation process. When doing so, the best course of action is to perform this properly and handle all materials with the utmost care and safety. As you work on your roof, you must also be extra careful not to damage its parts and components. Ultimately, it is best to hire a professional roofer to help you out with decorating and protecting your roof.

4. Use clips for the decoration, not staples and nails

Another vital concern is the use of materials to install decors or light fixtures. Instead of using staples and nails, you can opt for light clips as they can easily clip the materials on your roof. This alternative is best because they are easy to install and remove. The problem with staples and nails is that they can cause damages to your roof and siding and be a source of safety hazards, and that’s the last thing you will want to happen.

5. Take care of your gutter system

During the actual installation, you must take good care of your gutter system, as it serves to drain rainwater away from your home. While working on the decor, you may accidentally step on it and weigh it down. For this reason, be sure that you know where it is located and avoid stepping on it.


At this point, you now have a better idea of how to decorate your roof safely and effectively this holiday season. As outlined above, all it takes is to prepare your decors for the installation, protect your roofing shingles first, install your decors painstakingly, use clips for the decoration, and take care of your gutter system. When you follow all these key steps, you can effectively protect your roofing system and kick its decoration and overall appeal up a notch!

Are you looking to decorate and prepare your roofing system for the holiday season? Let our Charlotte roofers work wonders on your roof! We’re a roofing contractor in Charlotte, specializing in roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services. Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate!


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