What to Look For When Replacing Residential Roofing in Charlotte

Most of the time, the thought of roof damage is accompanied by images of blown away roofs as a result of a severe storm. However, in our years of experience serving clients, we realized that in most cases roof damage starts off as a minor issue that is often ignored. Our the experts at Charlotte Roofing want you to learn about the other common causes of roof damage that you can easily identify with a visual check. At Charlotte Roofing, we know that the first step in taking care of your investment is by having the right information. Listed below are the most common problem areas you can inspect to prevent costly roofing issues:

1. Save on Your Energy Bills

Blisters on your roof can be identified by the evidence of inconsistent bubbles that rise from the inside of the shingle. Often considered a manufacturing defect, blistering of shingles can also be due to inadequate ventilation that eventually cause bigger problems. When the roof membrane shrinks, it slowly starts crazing and cracking the upper layer.

2. Dysfunctional flashing

Flashing is done to seal areas where some penetration has occurred. This can be through chimneys, vent pipes, skylights or heating and cooling systems. When flashing is done incorrectly, it causes open laps, and seams are eventually causing tiles to blow-off.

3. Flawed installation

This is one of the most common causes of roof problems and reduced life expectancy of the roof. You can only confirm this by having a trusted and experienced professional check if you roof was properly installed.

4. Lack of maintenance

A costly mistake, lack of maintenance is probably the worst you can do to your roof. This is because with routine maintenance you can quickly correct many problems before they escalate over time.

5. Moisture and leaks

If you notice your roof leaking, then it is time to get help. Weather elements such as rain, snow, hail and snow can cause leaks due to moisture that eventually leads to rot and mold.

6. Ponding water

Stagnant water on your roof is a sign of trouble because a well-structured roof will allow water to flow. This might be due to improper drainage of gutters, HVAC units or build-up of debris.

7. Punctures and penetrations

Most times, roof punctures are as a result of wind and hail damage. Penetrations made to accommodate HVAC, and household appliances can be damaging if flashing and sealant is not properly attached.

8. Ventilation

Is the roof system properly ventilated? Ventilation is one of the most crucial elements to the long term health of your new roof. Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of proper roof installation especially ventilation from the roof and attic. Good ventilation ensures the process is as natural as possible placing vents at the base of the roof and near the roof top. This ensures ventilation occurs without any mechanical process as warm air leaves through the top, and cool air comes in through the bottom. Left unchecked, moisture and heat resulting from ventilation can cause damage to rafters, shingles or sheathing.

Debris created by roof replacement

After Plastic Removed

Roofing is Noisy

Your home will be a temporary jobsite. If you have a dog or cat that may be frightened by the noise, you may want to consider having the pet stay with a friend for the day.
Seek professional help from our Charlotte roofers if you notice any of these signs of damage. Our team of experts will be able to do an inspection to determine if you need to repair or replace your roof. Trust us with your Charlotte roofing needs for honest and professional service centred on customer’s best interest. For more info, call our roofers in Charlotte, NC today!


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