Repair or Replace Your Gutters? How to Decide

Gutters play a pivotal role in protecting your home from the harsh outdoor elements and different forms of water damage. It’s an unsung hero that prevents your roof from rotting, deteriorating, or developing a mold infestation as it directs rainwater through a downspout, making it an important feature you can’t ignore. 

Letting gutter damages worsen through time can lead to costly consequences, one that can compromise your home’s structural integrity and even destroy your roof altogether down the line. The average cost to replace a roof can burn off thousands of dollars, which can set anyone back and cause a major financial strain on top of the inconvenience. 

If you’re wondering what’s the next best move for your rain gutters, consider the guide below to help you make the right decision for your roof plumbing needs. 

Tip #1: Consider the Overall Condition of the Gutters

The gutters typically receive the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath, and while it’s built tough, inclement weather and pests can take a toll on your gutters and cause it to wear-and-tear over time. 

Some minor impairments like loose bolts, screws, and clogs can easily be fixed by repairing them. However, problems like rust and a deteriorating material call for an immediate replacement. 

Tip #2: Consider the Gutter’s Capacity 

Not all gutters are made to handle your city’s climates, especially if you live in an area that sees plenty of rain. If the gutters are undersized, then it will not perform to their full potential as rainwater can easily overflow and get into your sidings, roof fascia, and more. 

Miscalculations in the installation cannot be fixed, so when your gutters can’t hold enough rainwater, then it needs to be replaced altogether. 

Tip #3: Consider the Gutter’s Age 

Gutters are designed to last for years to come, but once it goes beyond the 15-year mark, it’s a more economical choice to replace it with a brand new gutter system since repairing it will only waste your money and time. 

Just like many things, your gutters will naturally degrade over time. Repairing it will only put off the inevitable, so don’t hesitate to upgrade it to a more efficient system after 15 to 20 years. 

The Bottom Line: Spotting the Signs that Indicate Your Gutter Needs Repair or Replacement 

Gutters are responsible for keeping rainwater away from your home, so any damages that degrade its quality deserve professional attention if you want to protect your property from becoming a wreck.

How can our Charlotte Roofers Flush Your Gutter Problems Down the Drain?

If you’re dealing with the consequences of gutter damage in Charlotte, we’re a residential roofing company that can restore every aspect of your roof to ensure it functions well as new for years to come. 

You can experience the difference with us at Charlotte Roofing as our locally-owned roofing contracting company strives to get the job done right the first time, so you can have peace of mind knowing there is a strong roof above your head no matter the season. 

Get in touch with us at (980) 223-0174 if you want to know the average cost to tear off and replace your roof. 


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