Is it Possible to DIY a Roof Replacement?

Few things are as satisfying as the product of a hard day’s work, which is why it is always fantastic when a DIY project comes to fruition. However, there are certain projects that you should leave to the professionals who have the right tools and training. Roof replacement is one of them. 

When it comes to serious house repairs, more than half of DIY go-getters find their projects more challenging and time-consuming than initially thought. Most people grossly underestimate the average cost to tear off and replace their roof. Even beyond the costs, eight out of ten people attempting DIY home improvement end up causing damage to their property. Even more, they end up injuring themselves one way or another. The costs—as well as other burdens—certainly add up. With roofing projects, these numbers and problems are only expected to escalate. 

If you remain undecided in the choice of whether to hire roofing professionals or not, read on as we discuss some of the advantages a professional hand can bring to your home improvement projects.

They have the knowledge and experience that general homeowners do not

A roof is more than just two flat surfaces propped up at an angle. It is a complicated system with structural requirements, different components, and layers. Your roof needs to be carefully built to ensure that it is long-lasting and capable of protecting you and your property from the elements. 

Professional roofers understand all of these complexities, from the first shingle to the last. They know how to work with different materials and understand local building codes. In many states, roofers even need to obtain certification from the state before working in the field. In many cases, roofers can get certified by a manufacturer as well. 

Even just the wrong nail size or some fixtures left exposed to the elements can compromise the structural integrity of a roof. This can lead to expensive destruction of property and serious injuries. The skill and expertise of professional roofers cannot be understated.

They are insured and able to withstand the financial burden of damage

The risks of damage and injury are significantly reduced when you hire professionals to repair your roof. Even so, accidents do happen. Issues big and small come with a price tag and an extended timeline. But if you’re performing the repair on your own roof, you’re taking on the liability while living with the inconvenient consequences. 

Professional roofers are far less likely to end up in such accidents because of their training and specialized equipment. However, when accidents do happen they are covered by insurance that will cover any damage they may have caused to your roof and property. Not only that, but their insurance is likely to cover any injuries they may sustain on your property, divorcing you from any liability. 

Hiring a professional also reduces the risk of failed insurance claims. If you injured yourself in the process of fixing your own roof, your insurance provider might deny your claim depending on the terms of your policy.

They provide warranties and assurances for the quality of their work

There are two warranties involved in roofing: the labor warranty and the warranty from the shingle manufacturer. Even a single misaligned shingle can allow water to pass through the different layers, causing damage to your roof and home. The shingle warranty may cover this problem to a certain extent.

Any repairs that are needed during the warranty period can also be covered by your roofing professional. After all, they will only be able to retain their customers if they are able to prove that their services either require no back jobs or that they’re willing to perform back jobs for no added cost. This all depends, of course, on the terms of your warranty.

Final thoughts

While it is admirable that you might try to DIY a few things around the house yourself, there are just some tasks best left to trained professionals with specialized equipment. Not only do such projects have a greater chance of success in professional hands, but they are also executed in a much safer manner. 

For the best roof replacement professionals, request your free estimate from us at Charlotte Roofing Specialists LLC. We can protect your most valuable asset and those who live in it. 


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