Roofing Cornelius, NC

Roofing Cornelius, NC

The ocean isn't for everyone. In fact, sometimes the most beautiful water views come from lakes. There's something truly peaceful about living on and around a lake. The water is warmer, it isn't salty, and you can enjoy views of the lake during the winter and during the summer. You might even have easy access, so you enjoy boating on the water as well. Whatever your affinity for water is, when living in Cornelius, North Carolina, few other communities in the state can compete with what your town has to offer.

Perched along Lake Norman, whether you live right on the lake or you have to drive a few minutes to get there, it's a brilliant community and one of the major suburbs of Charlotte.

As the population has tripled in 20 years (and exploded from 2,500 residents in 1990 to over 31,000 residents today), more and more people are falling in love with Cornelius. Of course, this means more people will be interested in buying your property, should you ever decide to sell. Whether you have plans to move or you simply want to take care of your home, you will need to take care of the home's roof.

With Roofing Cornelius NC services offered by our team here at Charlotte Roofing Specialists, we are always here to ensure your home's roof is well taken care of.

Annual Roof Inspections

One of the best ways to stay on top of your roof and to help you avoid costly repairs later down the line is to perform an annual roof inspection. Your roof goes through a considerable amount of wear and tear over the year. Mother nature can be brutal at times, even if you don't realize it. From strong winds to heavy rains, snow falls to sunlight, all of this, put together, can wear down the shingles of your roof.

Sometimes it is possible to spot some damage from the ground as you look up, but most of the time, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see anything wrong with your roof, especially if you're not a professional. With an annual roof inspection, a trained contractor will come out and look over the entire roof. They will know what to look for, including any separation between the flashing surrounding chimneys and other outlets on your roof, as well as shingles that might be damaged, broken off, or problems with how water is flowing down and away from your property.

All of this can be identified and corrected during an annual inspection. By taking care of the minor imperfections annually, you'll avoid the costly repairs that might strike if these small issues are not corrected sooner rather than later.

A New Roof Install

One of the best ways to boost property value is to install a new roof. It also makes your home more attractive to prospective home buyers, as they will not want to install a roof in the coming years. If you are still determining if you need a new roof or if some general repairs will be the best option, feel free to contact our staff, and we can come out and perform an inspection. From there, we can provide you with options, as well as possible costs and how long each option will last.

Should you decide to go with a new roof, there are more options for roofing materials now than ever before. Asphalt shingles are the most common and are used throughout the United States. These are cost-effective options that are quickly installed and can last you several decades when properly cared for.

However, while this is the most popular choice, there are other roofing products you can use. Metal roofs have grown in popularity in recent years, especially with the improvements to the look of metal, like aluminum or 24 gauge. These roofs are durable, cost-effective, and great for the environment. Metal roofs can be faster to install than other materials out there. This is because the metal roofs are installed in large sections instead of individually.

Of course, if you don't want to go the metal route, there are alternatives. Wood always has a classic look, just as long as you know there will be some additional upkeep required with the installation of wood (otherwise, the wood may dry out and splinter sooner than you'd like). While clay tile roofs are common out west, thanks to the tile's ability to keep the property cool and reflect heat, it might be too heavy for your house. Instead, slate is an especially attractive roofing option to go with.

Slate is durable, and when taken care of, a slate roof will literally last you a lifetime. Although it is still recommended to schedule the annual roofing inspections, the slate will not wear down like other kinds of shingles. So, while you will pay more money upfront for the slate installation, it is nice to know that you will likely never again need to pay money for a new roof installation.

Schedule Your Next Roofing Inspection Today

Whether you are looking to prepare your home for an eventual sale or you simply want to take as good care of your property as you can, making sure your roof is in pristine condition is essential. So, whether you are interested in an annual inspection of your roof, there are roof repairs you know need to take place, or if you are ready to install a new roof and are interested in quotes and material options, our team here at Charlotte Roofing Specialists is here for you.

All you need to do is give us a call or send us an email, and our friendly customer service staff will get back to you right away. Whatever your questions might be, at Charlotte Roofing Specialists, we are here for you.

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