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Want to know how to save 20% on your energy bills?

We know and are here to show you how. Most homes built before 1990 have severely under-insulated attics. About 40% of the energy that is lost in a home escapes right through the attic and nearly 36% of the energy lost from a home escapes through the floor.  We can help with both!

So, whether it’s Summer or Winter, cooling or heating, you are paying much more on your energy bills than you should be. Many re-insulated homes pay for themselves in 36 months, so what are you waiting for?

Did you know that the vast majority of homes in the United States do not have adequate insulation and are losing energy every day? Under-insulation can cost homeowners a lot of money in energy bills; money that homeowners could avoid spending altogether by having a professional roofing installation firm review their home for potential energy savings opportunities. State and local governments provide significant tax incentives every year for homeowners who take steps to make their residence more energy efficient. Why not take advantage of these services by calling Charlotte roofers who can help save you money?

Cost Savings

Sealing and insulating your attic can provide you with rebates up to 20% of your total installation and insulation costs, up to a maximum of $300. Keeping your home warm up top will cause less loss of heat through the attic area, meaning the air in your home stays warmer longer so you can keep your thermostat turned down a few degrees. A Charlotte roofing service can come to your home and do an evaluation of the services that you need, and also help you understand what your potential savings are from your roofing project.

Allergen Reduction

Adding insulation to your attic area can also offer air quality boosts but reducing dust and pollens. If you find that you and your family are having a hard time sleeping at night due to snoring or continually having issues with allergies, the problem may not be that friend with a cold that you hugged at church last week–the problem may literally be within your home. Updating your attic insulation can cut down on the allergens including dust, mites and other foreign bodies that enter your home by blocking off avenues of egress. All of these measures can help keep your family warmer and healthier this winter.

Fewer Pests in Your Home

A reduction in pest activity is another benefit. Small animals such as rats, mice or snakes as well as bugs such as spiders and centipedes are all known to enter your home through the attic area. Having Charlotte Roofers come to review your home for gaps in insulation or places where small animals have chewed a hole in building materials can limit your pest problems. Simply covering these entry points with inexpensive materials can help keep your family secure from pests who are looking for a warm place to go this winter.

Cost Effective and Quick Measures

Adding insulation to your attic is one of the quickest and most cost-effective measures that you can take to improve the insulation quality of your home. Insulating your attic works well because it is much easier to access than adding insulation within the walls of your home, for instance. For a very limited investment, you may find that you are saving upwards of 10-50% of your average annual energy bills. You can add insulation to your attic by simply layering on more insulating materials, finishing an unfinished space, or insulating the roof area. If you have heating and cooling ducts throughout your current attic space, you may find that insulating your roof area is a better option as it will not interfere with your current duct work.

Hiring a Charlotte Roofing professional is a great way to create a more secure, safer and warmer space for your family without a huge investment. Our team of expert Charlotte roofers can help by evaluating your current energy status and providing recommendations and estimates that will help you limit pests, save money on your energy bill, potentially get rebates and improve your home’s overall air quality.

Ask us about the Energy Tax Credits you could Receive!

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