Charlotte Roof Storm Damage

Charlotte roof storm damageHail might seem like a child’s play in comparison to hurricanes and earthquakes because it never causes loss of life but can cause significant damage to roof coverings. Hail storm damage roof repair in Charlotte is a common activity due to the frequent storms that do occur. In your endeavor to protect your investment for many years, you can choose from a variety of appearances, materials and prices without compromising quality.

Here are tips on the types and styles of roof shingles that will protect your property from hailstorms.

Modified Asphalt Shingles

This type of shingle includes a rubber-type compound (SBS) or a plasticizer (APP) and is likely to adequately contain hailstorms. Without them, fiberglass composition shingles perform moderately with hail.

Metal Shingles

Though initially considered as a commercial roofing material, these shingles are now a worthwhile alternative for many homeowners. Metal shingles last up to 40 years and are also relatively lightweight. They have a Class A or B fire rating. However, unlike other types of shingles which ease back during hailstorms, metal shingles that can dimple permanently.

Tile Shingles

The performance of this type of shingle against Charlotte roof storm repair such as hailstorms varies by type but is popular in some areas. Concrete tiles are more resilient and can last over 20 years. Clay tiles on the other hand are fragile and can be easily chipped or broken. Just like slate, tile is heavy. If you are swapping another type of roof with tile, you need to ascertain that the structure can sustain the weight. Heavy products take longer to install, consequently labor costs may be significantly higher.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

They are usually made from southern pine, cedar, or other woods. Though their appearance is quite appealing, wood shingles and shakes only perform moderately well against hail. Nonetheless, these shingles may not have afire rating unless they are treated with a fire retardant. Their use is also limited by some local codes.

In order to contend with the effects of Charlotte roof storm damage, it is important to take your time and check out the variety of products, looking at the full size samples of the roof covering you intend to do before making your roofing selection. You can as well obtain information from manufacturers’ brochures or visit a house roofed with a particular product.

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